Dry Baby Wipes? Make Them Wet Again

Dry Baby Wipes?  Make Them Wet Again

Have your baby wipes dried out?  Try this simple fix and save your self a ziploc bag.

Dry wipes again!!

To often I would reach for a bag of baby wipes and find they were completely dry. My solution used to be getting a ziploc bag and stuffing the wipes in there. If you have ever tried this, you know that a ziploc bag does not work well to hold baby wipes. If you happen to have the right size available the wipes seem to dry out quickly. Plus your just wasting another ziploc bag.

Usually the problem with the bag is that the seal isn't working well anymore. Rip that seal off!! 

Now add some water to the package of baby wipes. I like to use warm water. This is only because I discover that the wipes are dried out when I'm changing a diaper. Your child will appreciate the warm water.

Add water to dry baby wipes.

Next I make a new seal with duct tape. Cut off a piece of duct tape and fold it at one end. I find that the duct tape works much better and lasts longer than the tape the manufacturer uses.  

Make a new seal out of duct tape to fix your worn out baby wipe package.

That's it. You now have a "like new" package of baby wipes. I guess you could even call this the green solution.


+1 mommy
I've always just thrown out baby wipes when they were dry. I didn't even think of adding water to them. Duck tape is a good idea too.
0 Jen
Cool idea! My baby wipes are dry all the time. This will save me some money :)
0 Geena
Wouldn't adding tap water promote the growth of bacteria on the wipes, that wouldn't be good for baby at all!

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