How to Reset SRS Light on a Honda Accord Civic or Prelude

How to reset the SRS airbag light on a 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001 and 2002 Honda Accord, Honda Civic, Honda Prelude and Honda CRV. This might also work on other models and years.

How to Fix an SRS Light on Honda Accord, Civic, Prelude and CRV.

The SRS light on a Honda accord is an indication that there is a problem with the Supplemental Restraint System. Well, there could be a problem. Honda Accord, Civic, Prelude and CRV all are known to have continuous problems with the SRS system. In my Accord, resetting the light will keep the SRS light out for an average of 10,000 miles. At that point I reset the SRS system again.

There are several different reasons that the SRS light could illuminate on your Honda. You could have a sensor problem in the seat, steering wheel or the computer. The only way to know for sure is to take your car to a Honda dealership. If the computer shows a problem, the SRS light will not reset on its own. 

How can the SRS Light be Reset?

If your like me and don't want to spend hundreds of dollars to have the SRS (airbag system) repaired then you might want to try fix the problem yourself.

How to Reset the SRS light on a Honda Accord, Civic or CRV.

WARNING: you will be doing things to your car that could possibly be dangerous and cause injuries. Do not use this article to accomplish the task yourself. Only a certified Honda mechanic can reset an SRS light. I am only providing the way that I reset the SRS light on my Honda accord and suggest that you do not try this yourself!!!


Here are the steps that I use to reset the SRS light on my 2000 Honda Accord.

1. The plug is located below the dash on the drivers side. It is against the right side plugged into a panel. It does not have an electrical connection to that panel. I leave mine unplugged and hanging for easy access if I need to reset the SRS light again. 

SRS light reset plug on a Honda Accord

2. You will need a paperclip, piece of wire or something that can easily be used to short out the plug. I use a paperclip. With the key off, connect the paperclip to both ends of the plug. I am connecting the circuit in a specific order to reset the SRS light.

3. Hold the wires together (short it) while you turn the ignition on (turn key to on position, not start). The SRS light will come on for a couple seconds and then go out.

4. When the SRS light goes off, disconnect (un-short) the wires.

5. The SRS light comes on again, connect the wires again.

6. The SRS light will then turn off. Disconnect the wires. The SRS light should blink twice and your SRS light and system will be reset.


-1 Thanks!!
The Srs light on my honda accord has been on forever. It took me a while to find the plug that you were talking about. It would be nice if you could add a picture of that too. Anyway it woks now and has been great not having the light on. THANK YOU
-2 Guest
I tried this and it isn't working. When I try this my srs light comes on goes out and then flashes twice and then comes back on and stays on. Is there any way to solve this or do I have other problems?
+11 Guest
I've done this several times but now my light wont reset. I hate staring at that stupid bright red srs light all the time. My car is too old to fix the airbag system. Do you know a way to disconnect the light? I dont care if the airbags work I just want the light off.
+2 Francis
Got It reset at last!!!! for asia accord 98-02 the plug is located behine the fuse box on the driver side...

Thanks everyone.....
+4 Guest
Mine will reset for about 2 days and then I have to do it again. Guess I will just get used to looking at that stupid red SRS light.
0 steve
Just keep in mind that if you drive with the srs light on and get into an accident the air bags will not deploy.
-1 Guest
Quoting Guest:
I tried this and it isn't working. When I try this my srs light comes on goes out and then flashes twice and then comes back on and stays on. Is there any way to solve this or do I have other problems?

You probably have other problems with your airbag system. Try disconnecting the sensor from the seats and see what happens. This will help you troubleshoot the SRS problem. Just remember that the airbags will not deploy with your seat disconnected or with the SRS light on.

You can also try disconnecting the battery for several minutes. Sometimes resetting the system will solve a problem with the SRS system, but you will still need to do the SRS reset when the battery is connected again.
+1 artur
In my case I needed to reset error after unpluging srs fuse while car was runing
Worked from 3-rd try
Note for those who are going to do it.
Do it FAST!!! Don,t wait. Once status of the light changes perform next step.
Good luck!
+3 Jon
Thanks for great info! Just did this on a 2000 accord.
0 Luis
Thanks it really worked with my 2000 Honda ACCORD.
+1 retta
My problem is that my srs light will not turn on I
want my srs light to turn on when I start it I have a 1992 honda civic and it will not pass inpection either will this procedure work for my pronlem also?
0 Domingo
thanks is working on my honda civic
0 Guest
As requested
0 Chris Reynik
The SRS light also has to do with the SEATBELTS. It can be that you are having a problem with your seatlelt sensors. If you reset the light and the SRS light stays on it is not a good idea to be driving your Honda with the SRS light on. If you are in a accident your Airbags will not deploy. Get a mechanic to plug in a scanner and find out what is wrong. If it is a seatbelt issue Honda should fix it for Free. I have had 2 different Honda Accords fixed for Free by Burns Honda. Think about you and your family when driving with the SRS light lit up on your dash. You do not have to go to Honda to find out why your SRS light is lit up. Honda will have to hook up their scanner even if you tell them what you already know but if it is a seatbelt issue it should be a Free repair. Good luck and be safe.
0 Alfredo
I removed the front seat from my honda accord 2000 to clean the carpet and when I had to reconet the plugs ander the seats then the SRS light come on. should I do the procces you mentioned in this convertation?

please advise
0 Peter
When I urn the key on Honda accord 2003, my air bag light flash once. Could you please explanation for me what is it means. Thanks

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